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The Boy And The Sunday School by Alexander of Cappadocia


This volume so far has discussed nothing save the work among teen age boys in the local Sunday school, in Organized Class or Boys' Department. This is as it should be, |beginning at Jerusalem| and taking care first of the local school. To magnify the church and church school, however, in the eye of the boy and to make it his central interest or the center of his interests, it is necessary to view Sunday school effort in a larger way than the work of the local school. The Sunday school must become city-wide in its scope and effort. Common town-wide activity, such as outings, athletics, camps, entertainments, lectures, campaigns, etc., must be promoted jointly. Not only this, but the Christian boys of the community must be taught the democracy of Christianity and be led to work together in Christian service for each other and with each other for all the boys of the city. Something of this has been attempted in some places, but always under adult rule. Adult supervision -- not rule -- is always necessary. Thus city camps and Sunday school athletic leagues have flourished as adult effort for boys. That which is contemplated in the following two chapters is distinctly work by boys for boys in the Sunday school field. The need of adult help to organize and set things going is recognized as necessary, good and the proper thing. The value of the work will consist in the enlistment of the boys themselves and the participation in and direction of the proposed work by the boys. Boys are not as exclusive, limited or provincial as adults. Their interests are wider than the local church. The task is to couple those interests with the local church as the center of greater community-wide activity, and to direct them to effective service.


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