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The Faithful Steward by Sereno D. Clark


The following is from the Circular of the Committee of Award, signed THOMAS S. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R. WILLIAMS, R. T. HAINES.

|The committee selected to award a premium of [USD]250 for 'the best approved treatise on the importance of Systematic Beneficence, and of statedly appropriating certain portions of income for benevolent objects,' report, that they have examined one hundred and seventy-two manuscripts submitted to them, several of which are large treatises, and a number marked by distinguished merit. They selected four, as in their judgment superior to the rest. Of these four, each was found to have its peculiar excellencies and adaptation to usefulness -- this in one walk, and that in another. Literary merit, thoroughness of discussion, and a spiritual and practical character, each and all necessary, in their measure, to render a composition 'THE BEST' in the sense of the original offer of the donor, are to be found blended, in various proportions, in these several treatises, and rendered the task of decision the more embarrassing. The committee were thus unable to select any one, two, or three, as on the whole preferable to the remainder of these four. They therefore awarded the premium, which the benevolent donor has increased to [USD]400, to be divided equally among these four manuscripts;| one of which is here offered to the public.

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