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Letters To A Daughter And A Little Sermon To School Girls by Helen Ekin Starrett


By MARY L. NINDE. Illustrated from Original Designs.

12MO., 348 PAGES. PRICE [USD]1.50.

The foreign travels which gave rise to this volume were of a novel and perhaps unprecedented kind. Two young American girls started for |the grand tour| with the father of one of them, and, he being compelled to return home from London, they were courageous enough to continue their journeyings alone. They spent two years in travel -- going as far north as the North Cape and south to the Nile, and including in their itinerary St. Petersburgh and Moscow. Miss Ninde's narrative is written in a fresh and sprightly but unsensational style, which, with the unusual experiences portrayed, renders the work quite unlike the ordinary books of travel.

|In these days when letters and books about travels in Europe have become generally monotonous, to say the least, it is absolutely refreshing to get hold of a bright, original book like 'We Two Alone in Europe.' ... The book is especially interesting for its fresh, bright observations on manners, customs, and objects of interest as viewed through these young girls' eyes, and the charming spice of adventure running through it.|

-- Home Journal, Boston.

|It is filled with so many interesting glimpses of sights and scenes in many lands as to render it thoroughly entertaining.|

-- Congregationalism Boston.

|As the work of a bright American girl, the book is sure to command wide attention. The volume is handsomely bound and copiously illustrated with views drawn, if we mistake not, by the author's own fair hands, so well do they accord with the vivacious spirit of her narrative.|

-- Times, Troy, New York.

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