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Clara A Swain Md by Mrs. Robert Hoskins


Notwithstanding her love for children, Miss Swain did not find teaching altogether a delight. The inattention of the children and the daily routine made her feel irritable, she said, but she kept steadily on, hoping in time to carry out a purpose which she had in mind of some day becoming a doctor. When an opportunity offered for her to take a position in the Castile Sanitarium under Dr. Cordelia A. Greene, she gladly gave up teaching and entered upon a course of training which, though sometimes irksome, proved more congenial than her former occupation.

All the way along, her strong will had availed to overcome obstacles, and here, during many weary hours, she comforted herself with the thought that she was nearing the goal of her ambition. She could not have had a more satisfactory opportunity for the training that she needed; for though Dr. Greene exacted thoroughness in every line of work, she was so sympathetic and so ready to give a word of commendation and encouragement, that her pupil could not do otherwise than accede to all the requirements of her position. It was not long before doctor and pupil became fast friends and the congenial companionship was a life-long pleasure to both. |I owe much to Dr. Cordelia,| she said many times in after life.

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