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The National Preacher Vol 2 No 7 Dec 1827 by Aaron W. Leland


I. Each Monthly Number to contain one long Sermon, or two of moderate length, on fine paper. The Volume to commence annually the last week in June.

II. Price, One Dollar annually, in advance, or on becoming a Subscriber, or One Dollar and Fifty cents, if payment is delayed after the receipt of six Numbers.

III. Five or more persons forwarding their annual payments at one time, on becoming Subscribers, or immediately after the receipt of the first Numbers of the Volume, may receive the work for the year at eighty cents each. Or twelve or more so doing, may receive it at seventy-five cents each: (viz.6 1/4 cents a Number.)

IV. An Index and Title-page, referring to all the Numbers, will accompany the twelfth.


NOTE. Ten Cents each will be allowed for procuring and furnishing the Editor new Subscribers on any terms stated above. Essential service might be rendered by copying the above terms in handsome form, and employing a faithful person to go through the neighbourhood, with a specimen of the work. The names of present subscribers may be ascertained at the Post Office.

Copies furnished, by the dozen or hundred, at Tract prices, for gratuitous distribution.

Such Subscribers as do not give the Editor notice to the contrary, before the first of June, will be considered as Subscribers for the ensuing year. Any one can discontinue on paying up arrearages.

Correspondents will be careful in naming the individuals to whom credit is to be given, and the Post-Office and State to which the Work is to be sent.

Letters may be directed, POST PAID, to

144 Nassau-street, New-York

All Subscribers will be furnished with the former Numbers of this Volume: -- and with the first Volume, if desired.

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