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The National Preacher Vol 2 No 7 Dec 1827 by Aaron W. Leland

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Vol.2 No.7 Dec.1827.



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POSTAGE -- One Cent and a half, not over 100 miles; Two Cents and a half, any distance over 100.


The undersigned proposes to commence another Periodical, of original plan and character, provided that adequate pledges of supplies shall be furnished. The Work to bear the following title, or something similar, viz.:



Original Sketches of real Characters, Conversations, and striking Facts. Furnished chiefly by Clergymen.

The following imperfect sketch of topics to be embraced, may serve to illustrate the plan: -- 1. Instances of very early piety. -- 2. Striking results of Parental faithfulness, or unfaithfulness; of filial respect, or disrespect. -- 3. Cases of individuals raised from deep obscurity, or wickedness, to eminent usefulness. -- 4. Remarkable cases of conviction. -- 5. Cases of great hardness of heart, from resisting convictions. -- 6. Distinctly marked cases of submission and conversion to God. -- 7. Cases of awful relapse into sin. -- 8. Cases of strong temptation and trial. -- 9. Cases of strong faith and confidence in God. -- 10. Peculiarly manifest interpositions of Providence, in mercy or judgment. -- 11. Instances of the wrath of man being made to praise God. -- 12. Cases illustrative of the influence of piety on the intellectual powers. -- 13. Instances of extraordinary beneficence or covetousness. -- 14. Death-bed scenes, of the Christian, the backslider, the infidel, the universalist, the profane man, or the worldling.

It is conceived that the very existence of such a Periodical might be the means of leading Clergymen, in their pastoral intercourse, to be more observant of character, more discriminating in their views of human nature, and more disposed to record and rescue from oblivion striking conversations and facts. No species of knowledge can be more interesting or more useful, than that thus drawn from real life; -- especially from portions of life most intimately connected with spiritual and eternal realities. If it is all-important that masters in surgery and medicine record, for mutual improvement, and for the benefit of mankind, striking cases which occur in their practice; it cannot, surely, be less important, that those who watch for the life of souls, should preserve similar records. It would seem as though, from the daily intercourse of several thousand Clergymen, such materials, of the character contemplated, might be furnished, as, if well condensed and judiciously arranged in an elegant Periodical, would not fail to be read with intense and general interest. And who can tell, but that God, who is rich in wisdom, may thus employ the simplest means for collecting, condensing, and reflecting rays of sacred truth, in the form of practical results, which may carry conviction and saving instruction to uncounted millions -- not merely in our own land, but in more populous countries, where the importance of experimental religion is not appreciated?

But, for rendering such a work pre-eminently useful, or even commencing it, there must be union of effort. As it is intended to consist wholly of original matter, and that of a specific character, such as no genius can originate, it is obvious that it cannot be commenced, without being furnished with numerous pledges of supplies. And it will be important to have a considerable number of communications on hand, at the commencement, as well as afterwards, that due regard may be had to order in the arrangement of subjects, and an interesting variety be presented in every Number.

It will not be necessary to publish the names of writers, nor of individuals alluded to in communications; though in many cases it may be desirable and expedient. But, in every case, the name of the writer, or some respectable reference for attesting the accuracy of statements, must be furnished to the Editor; as he must be responsible to the public for the correctness of whatever may appear in the work. He will moreover think it his duty to present Contributors a generous compensation.

MINISTERS, of different Christian denominations, willing to aid in executing the design, are affectionately requested to write as soon as practicable -- either furnishing matter for publication, or stating definitely, when and how much aid may be expected. If the work is ably supported by the co-operation of Clergymen, the Editor does not hesitate to say, that he will at least circulate thousands and tens of thousands of copies gratuitously, and thus afford Contributors the best of all rewards -- the opportunity of doing extensive good.

That the blessing of God Almighty may crown the enterprise, is the humble prayer of His servant,


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