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Divine Songs For Children by Isaac Watts

Song 4. Praise for Mercies Spiritual and Temporal.

1 Whene'er I take my walks abroad,
How many poor I see?
What shall I render to my God
For all his gifts to me?

2 Not more than others I deserve,
Yet God hath given me more;
For I have food, while others starve,
Or beg from door to door.

3 How many children in the street
Half naked I behold?
While I am clothed from head to feet,
And cover'd from the cold.

4 While some poor wretches scarce can tell
Where they may lay their head,
I have a home wherein to dwell,
And rest upon my bed.

5 While others early learn to swear,
And curse, and lie, and steal,
Lord, I am taught thy name to fear,
And do thy holy will.

6 Are these thy favours, day by day
To me above the rest?
Then let me love thee more than they,
And try to serve thee best.

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