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Andromeda And Other Poems by Charles Kingsley


{211} This and the following poem were written at school in early boy-hood.

{216} Lines supposed to be found written in an illuminated missal.

{260} Found among Sandy Mackaye's papers, of a hairy oubit who would not mind his mother.

{282} The Christian Socialist, started by the Council of Associates for promotion of Co-operation.

{295} Bishop of Labuan, in Borneo.

{303} This Ode was set to Professor Sterndale Bennet's music, and sung in the Senate House, Cambridge, on the Day of Installation.

{306} His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, Chancellor of Cambridge University.

{319} Impromptu lines written in the album of the Crown Princess of Germany.

{325} Time of the Franco-Prussian War.

{330} The Qu'est qu'il dit is a Tropical bird.

{331a} This myth about the famous Pitch Lake of Trinidad was told almost word for word to a M. Joseph by an aged half-caste Indian who went by the name of Senor Trinidada. The manners and customs which the ballad described, and the cruel and dangerous destruction of the beautiful birds of Trinidad, are facts which may be easily verified by any one who will take the trouble to visit the West Indies.

{331b} A magnificent wood of the Mauritia Fanpalm, on the south shore of the Pitch Lake.

{331c} Humming-birds.

{331d} Maximiliana palms.

{332} Hut of timber and palm-leaves.

{333} From the Eriodendron, or giant silk-cotton.

{334} Spigelia anthelmia, a too-well-known poison-plant.

{335a} Coelogenys Paca.

{335b} Wild cavy.

{335c} Armadillo.

{335d} Peccary hog.

{335e} Trigonia.

{335f} Penelope.

{335g} Palamedea.

{335h} Dove.

{335i} Mimusops.

{335j} Spondias.

{335k} An esculent Arum.

{335l} Jatropha manihot, 'Cassava.'

{335m} Vitis Caribaea.

{335n} Euterpe, 'mountain cabbage' palm.

{335o} Mauritia palm.

{336a} Musa.

{336b} Pine-apple.

{337} Food.

{338} Sung by 1000 School Children at the Opening of the New Wing of the Children's Hospital, Birmingham.

{346} Supposed to be sung at Crowland Minster to Leofric, the Wake's Mass Priest, when news was received of Hereward's second marriage to Alftruda.

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