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Of The Manner In Which The Persecutors Died by Lactantius

General Note.

There is no ms authority for ascribing the above to Lactantius. |It does not, in the least, come up to the purity and eloquence of his style,| says Dupin; and the same candid author notes the |adoration of the cross| as fatal to any such claim.

Of the following poem, on Easter, Dupin says: |It is attributed to Venantius upon the testimony of some mss. in the Vatican Library.| This writer became known to Gregory of Tours, who died about a.d.595, and seems to have succeeded him as bishop, dying soon after. Bede quotes his verse on St. Alban, --

|Albanum egregium fecunda Britannia profert,|

but styles him |presbyter Fortunatus.| He was the author of a poem on St. Martin, and another, In Laude Virginum. His works were edited by Brouverius, a Jesuit.

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