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A Little Book Of Eternal Wisdom by Henry Suso


O Thou most intimate delight of the Heavenly Father! 1. How wast Thou abandoned at that hour on the cross to every pang of bitter death exteriorly, and robbed of all sweetness and solace interiorly! 2. Thou didst utter a cry of misery to Thy Father; 3. Thy will Thou didst unite wholly to His; 4. Thou didst thirst bodily by reason of great dryness! 5. Thou didst thirst spiritually by reason of great love; 6. Thy thirst was bitterly quenched; 7. And when all things were fulfilled Thou didst exclaim: Consummatum est? 8. Thou wast obedient unto Thy Father, even unto death; 9. And Thou didst commend Thy Spirit into His Fatherly hands; 10. And then Thy noble soul separated from Thy body.

Ah, Thou loving Lord, in this Thy love I desire that Thou wouldst open Thy Fatherly ears at all times to my call, and give me in all things a will united to Thine. Lord, quench in me all thirst after bodily things; make me thirst after spiritual goods. Sweet Lord, let Thy bitter drink change all my afflictions into sweetness. Grant me to persevere in perfect thoughts and in good works until death, and that I may never swerve from Thy obedience. Eternal Wisdom, let my spirit be transferred from this day forth into Thy hands, so that at its final departure it may be joyfully received by Thee. Lord, grant me a life pleasing in Thy sight; a death well prepared for; an end made sure by Thee. Lord, let Thy bitter death make amends for, and complete my insufficient works, so that at my last hours, guilt and punishment may be wholly effeced.

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