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An Alphabetical List Of M E Preachers by Nathan Bangs, D.D.

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A History Of The

Methodist Episcopal Church

An Alphabetical List Of The M. E. Preachers

1762 - 1840

Is The Name of One of Your Ancestors In This List?

The list below, taken from |A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church,| Volume IV, by Dr. Nathan Bangs, includes: |all the preachers who were received into full connection in the Methodist Episcopal Church to the year 1840, including those who came from Europe and returned, as well as those who remained in this country.| While the Methodist Episcopal Church was not organized until 1784, some of the preachers on this list entered the Methodist ministry long before that. Especially is this true of those who came from England, one of whom was |received| in the year 1762. Thus, the range of years shown above is from the year 1762 to the year 1840.

Along with the names of those who were yet in the itinerant ministry in 1840, the year in with they were received is shown. With the name of each who was no longer in the itinerant ministry, the year is shown in which he was either located, died, withdrew, or was expelled.

THE AUTHOR'S MULTIPLE ENTRIES OF IDENTICAL NAMES WITH IDENTICAL YEARS HAVE BEEN RETAINED. Perhaps most, if not all, such multiple entries of identical first names, last names and year-records may have resulted from the co-incidental fact that two, or even three, men with identical first and last names did actually serve concurrently in the M. E. ministry. -- Duane V. Maxey

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