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Image Map : Christian Books : Chapter 95 Some towns upon the very limits of the land. Out of the Jerusalem Talmud, Demai, fol. 22. 4.

From The Talmud And Hebraica by John Lightfoot

Chapter 95 Some towns upon the very limits of the land. Out of the Jerusalem Talmud, Demai, fol. 22. 4.

In the place cited, discourse is had about the tithing of some herbs and seeds, namely, of rice, nuts, onions, Egyptian beans, &c.; and inquiry is made, what is to be resolved of tithing them, if they grow in places which seem to be without the land; and these words are presently after brought in: --

|These cities are forbid in the borders, Tsur, Sezeth, and Bezeth, Pi Mazobah, upper and lower Canothah, Beth Badia, Rosh Maja, Amon, and Mazi (R. Mena saith, So it was called anciently, but now Susitha): Ainosh, En Teraa, Ras, Berin, Jion, Jadot, Caphar, Charob, Chaspia, and Caphar Tsemach. These cities are permitted in the borders, Nebi, Tsur, Tsijar, Gasmi, Zivian, Jagdi, Chatam, Debab, Charbatha, and Cheraccah| (or |Debab, and its wilderness, and its fortification|).

You see the name Tsur, here once and again, of which we have spoken before: let us add these words elsewhere: |I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living: and are there not other lands of the living besides Tsur and her companions, -- and Caesarea and her companions?|

Of Caphar Tsemach, there is mention also in the place first cited, col.3, in these words: |Rabbi looseth Bethshan. Rabbi looseth Caesarea. R. looseth Beth-Gubrim. Rabbi looseth Caphra Tsemach| (from the obligation, as it seemeth, of the Demai). |Rabbi permitted to take herbs, in the end of the seventh year: but all were against him. He said to them, Come, and let us judge of the matter. 'It is written' (concerning Hezekiah) 'And he beat in pieces the brazen serpent.' What! was not any one righteous from Moses unto his times, who did this? But God reserved that crown for him, that he might be crowned with it: and God hath reserved this crown for us, that we may be crowned with it.|

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