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From The Talmud And Hebraica by John Lightfoot

Chapter 83 Some places bordering upon Tsippor. Jeshanah. Ketsarah. Shihin.

I. In the place, noted in the margin, discourse is had of the legitimate mothers of the priests: among other things it is said, that no further inquiry be made, |If his father be enrolled in the catalogue of Jeshanah of Tsippor.| The Gloss is, |There was a neighbour city to Tsippor, whose name was Jeshanah; and it was customary to enroll them who were fit to judge,| &c. So that this 'Jeshanah' seems to be so near to Tsippor, that the records of Tsippor were laid up there.

II. |Towns fortified from the days of Joshua: Old Ketsarah, which belongs to Tsippor; and Chakrah, which belongs to Gush; Calab; and Jodapath the old [Jotopata]; and Gamala,| &c. The Gloss is, |Ketsarah is the name of a little city without Tsippor.| Perhaps that which we cited above relates to this, |The sons of Ketzirah (or the harvest), of Tsippor.|

III. |Sometime a fire happened in the court of Josi Ben Simai in Shihin, and the inhabitants of Ketsarah, which belongs to Tsippor, came down to quench it; but he permitted them not, saying, 'Let the exactor exact his debt.' Presently a cloud gathered together above the fire; and rains fell, and put it out. The sabbath being finished, he sent money to every one of them.|

Josephus mentions also Garisimes, distant twenty furlongs from Tsippor.

In like manner, |Asamon, a mountain in the middle of Galilee, which lies over against Tsippor.|

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