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Studies In The Book Of Common Prayer by Herbert Mortimer Luckock

Subject Index

|Rest, Saints' Everlasting,|, Baxter's

|Saints' Everlasting Rest,|, by Baxter

Abbey of Ely, Abbey of Ely, Division of the revenues, Picture of Bishop Cox's funeral

Absolution, Absolution, The title of the, enlarged

Act against irreverence in the Sacrament, An Act...unreverently...against the Sacrament

Act of Six Articles, Rebellion against

Bloody Statute, Enactment of the, Influenced by Bullinger

Act of Uniformity, Act of Uniformity, Act of Uniformity, Act of Uniformity, Act of Uniformity, Act of Uniformity with the restored Prayer-book, Act of Uniformity, 1549 AD, Act of Uniformity, 1552 AD, Act of Uniformity, 1559, Act of Uniformity, 1559, Act of Uniformity, 1662 A.D.

Act of Uniformity, protests against, Act of Uniformity

Act of Uniformity, re-establish BCP, Act of Uniformity

Administration, Administration, The Formula of, Administration, The Formula of, Administration, The Formula of, Administration, The Formula of, Administration, of Baptism, Administration, of Baptism

Advertisements, Advertisements of Elizabeth, Advertisements of Elizabeth

Agape or Love-feast, Agape or Love-feast

Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei

Altar, Altar, erased, Altar, the term retained

Apocryphal, lessons of, lessons of, lessons of

Ariminum Council, Ariminum Council, 359 AD

Assessors, At the First Revision

Athanasian Creed, First Prayer-book, recited at Feasts

Attleborough, Risisng at

Baptismal Office, Baptismal Office, Regeneration of Infants

Baxter's Liturgy, Baxter's Liturgy

Benedictine Rule, Benedictine Rule of Life, Confession and Absolution, no place

Benedictine monks, Benedictine monks

Bishopric of Ely, Bishopric of Ely, Vacant

Black Bartholomew, Black Bartholomew, Black Bartholomew

Black Rubric, Altered and reintroduced, Black Rubric, Introduced, Omitted

Breda Declaration, Breda Declaration

Breviary, Breviary, Breviary

Breviary, The, Breviary, The

Britain Christianised, Britain Christianised

British Bishops, Early, Early British Bishops

Burial of the Dead, According to the Directory, Changes to Service

Calendar, Calendar, Calendar

Calendar or Pie, Calendar or Pie

Cannon Row, Westminster, Meetings at

Canon Law, Canon Law

Canonical Hours, Canonical Hours, Sarum Breviary, Morning, Saurm Breviary, Evening, eight in number

Canterbury Cathedral, Mass restored, Proscribed Liturgy read, Return of King Charles

Canticles, Alternative Canticles

Catechism, By whom composed, Explanation of Sacraments, Explanation of the Sacraments, Separated from Confirmation

Cathedral, Commandments over the altar, Liberty of ceremony granted, Public worship in, Stripped of vestments, To procure a sealed copy

Cathedral in Scotland, Scottish Liturgy induces riot

Cathedral of Christ Church, St Frideswide bones restored

Cathedral of Durham, Bishop Cosin, Roman Mass said again

Cathedral of Ely, Cathedral of Ely, Edition with the Great Seal, Ely Cathedral, Gunning monument

Cathedral of St Paul, Vestments desposed of

Clergy, Emigration, To the Continent

Code of Justinian, Liturgy understood by the people

Collects, Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany, new., St Stehpen's, rewritten, Third Sunday of Advent, new., Translation of from Latin., the beauty of the language

Committee of Revision, 1542-8 A.D., 1559 A.D., 1661 A.D.

Commune Sanctorum, Commune Sanctorum

Concordat, Scheme for a General, Concordat, Scheme for a General

Confession, Private, discouraged, Public, Form of, introduced

Confirmation, rubric

Convocation, Convocation

Cornwall, Insurrection in

Cosin, Bishop of Durham, his Liturgical Works

Council, Edict of Privy Council, of Aries, of Cloves-hoo, of Cloveshoo, 747 A.D., of Laodicea, of Lyons, 1274 AD, of Nicæa, of Nicæa, 325 AD, of Sardica

Cox, Character of, his pluralities

Cranmer, Character of Archbishop, his variability

Cranmer, Archbishop, Declines Calvin's offer

Day, Bishop of Chichester, Revisionist

Dead, Prayers for the

Decalogue, Introduction of, into the Communion Office

Devonshire, Insurrection in

Diary, Evelyn's

Directory, Characteristic features of, for Public Worship, The, the contents of

Dissolution, of Monasteries

Divine Office, Use, Benedictines

Divines, The Committee of, for translating the Bible

Divinum officium, Divinum officium

Divorce, of Queen Catherine

Durham, Insurrection at

Eccliestiastical Polity, Ecclesiastical Polity, the

Edict, of Privy Council

Edward VI, Death of King

Ely, Bishopric of, vacant

Epistolarium, Epistolarium

Erasmus, revives the study of Greek, the Greek Testament of

Essex, Essex

Evangelistarium, Evangelistarium

Evelyn's, Diary

Exeter, The siege of

Exhortation, Addition of the, to Matins and Evensong, before the Holy Communion, Alteration of

Feckknam, Abbot of Westminster, speech of

Feria, de, Feria, de

First Prayer-book, Preface to

Friars, The preaching

Gallican Liturgy, Structure of, introduced into Britain

Goodrich, Character of, Revisionist

Gospel and Epistle, for 6th Sunday after the Epiphany

Graduale, Graduale

Gray, Revisionist

Gregory VII, The Reforms of

Gregory the Great, Letter of, to St. Augustine

Guest, Gueste or Guest

Gunning, Character of

Hampton Court, Conference, The

Harpsfield, Archp. of Canterbury

Hatton, Sir Christopher, Garden, Hatton, Sir Christopher

Haynes, Haynes, Opinions of

Henchman, Henchman

Hereford Use, Hereford Use

Herman, The death of, 1087 AD

Holbeach, Holbeach

Hooker, Richard, Hooker, Richard

Hooper, John, and the Vestiarian dispute

Horn of Durham, Horn of Durham

Hours, Canonical, Condensation of the seven, Hours, Canonical

Infants, Regeneration of

Injunctions, of Elizabeth

Interim, The, Interim, The

Jacomb, Jacomb

James I, King, at Hampton Court

Justin Martyr, Writings of

Justinian, The Code of

Juxon, Archbishop, Juxon, Archbishop

Kalendarium, Kalendarium

Kett, The Execution of

Knewstub, Knewstub

Knox, John, Knox, John

LAITY, The priesthood of the

Langdale, Archdeacon of Lewes

Laodicea, Council of

Lasco, John à, Lasco, John à, Life of

Latimer, Latimer

Latin, The use of, in Divine Service

Laud, Archbishop, Laud, Archbishop

Law, Canon, Law, Canon

Learning, The New, Learning, The New

Lectionarius, Lectionarius

Leicester, |The wicked Earl,|

Lessons, The Apocryphal, modified

Lightfoot, Lightfoot

Lincoln Use, Lincoln Use

Litany, Liberty to omit the, withdrawn, The English

Liturgy, Outline of the Gallican, The Gailican, of Ephesus

Lord's Supper, Title of the

Lower House of Convocation, Lower House of Convocation

Lyons, Council of

Manual, The, Manual, The, Manual, The, Manual, The

Martyr, Justin, Writings of

Martyr, Peter, Martyr, Peter

Mary Magdalene, Saint, Service omitted

Maskell's Primer, Maskell's Primer, Maskell's Primer

Mass, The title of

Matrimonial Office, Matrimonial Office

Matthew, Bishop of Durham, Bishop of Durham

May, Character of, Revisionist, Revisionist

Melanchthon, Melanchthon

Millenary Petition, Millenary Petition, The

Missal, The, Missal, The, Missal, The

Mission of St. Augustine, Mission of St. Augustine

Monasteries, Bangor Iscoed, Bangor Wydrin, Bangor over Conway, Dissolution of, Religion confined to the

Monasticism, Spread of, in England

Morley, Bishop of Worcester, Revisionist

Music, in Divine Service

New Learning, The, New Learning, The

Nicæa, The Council of

Nicholson, Bishop of Gloucester, Revisionist

Norfolk, Rising in

Northampton, Queen Elizabeth's Councillor

Nowell, Dean, Sermon of, before the Queen, reputed author of the Catechism

Oak of Reformation, the, Oak of Reformation, the

Oblation, The prayer of

Office for the Baptism, of adults, The new

Order of the Communion, Contents of, Order of the Communion

Origen, Origen

Ornaments Rubric, Introduction of the

Osmund, Bishop, of Sarum

Overall, Author of the Explanation of the Sacraments in the Catechism, Explanantion of the Sacraments, Overall, at the Hampton Court Conference

Parker, Revisionist, in danger of his life

Pearson, at the Savoy Conference

Petition, The Millenary, Petition, The Millenary

Pie, The, Pie, The

Pilkington, Revisionist

Polity, The Ecclesiastical, of Hooker

Pontifical, The, Pontifical, The

Position of the Reader in Church, Position of the Reader in Church

Prayer for The Church Militant, Additions to, in the Caroline Settlement, Prayer for The Church Militant

Prayer of Oblation, The, Prayer of Oblation, The, displaced

Prayer-book, Title of the

Preface to the Prayer-book, First Prayer-book, in 1662 AD

Presbyterian Ministers, Ejectment of, The conduct of

Presence, The real, in the First Book, obscured in the Second

Primer, The King's, Primer, The King's

Primers, The, Primers, The

Private Baptism, Private Baptism, Private Baptism

Privy Council, The, Privy Council, The

Proprium de Tempore, Cities, The fourteen, Proprium de Tempore, Sanctorum

Protestant, origin of the term

Protestants, Foreign

Psalms, Alternative reading of Psalms, Arrangement of, Dropped from the Burial Order, Evening Prayer, Linked in worship, Morning Prayer, Penitential Psalms, Shorter Psalms, Singing of, Singing of, Singing of Psalms of Praise, Songs of praise, Sung at Matins and Vespers, Table of Psalms, divided into seven portions, the Cantate

Psalterium, Psalterium

Puritans, the exceptions

Queen Catherine, Elizabeth, Doctrinal views of, Rapacity of, the Divorce of

Quignonez, Cardinal, Revised Liturgy of

Reader, The position of the, in Church

Redmayn, Opinions of, Opinions of, Revisionist

Refugees, Foreign, in England

Results of the Hampton Court Conference, Hampton Court Conference

Revision, Causes leading to, First Committee of by whom appointed

Revisionists, Names of

Reynolds, Dr, Reynolds, Dr

Ridley, Bishop of Rochester, a Revisionist

Rising in Norfolk, Rising in Norfolk

Rituale, Rituale

Robertson, a Revisionist

Rubric, Introduction of the Ornaments, Omission of the Black

Rubrical change, general, in 1662 A.D

Rule, The Benedictine

Sacrificial, Aspect of the Holy Eucharist, Aspect of the Holy Eucharist

Saints, Stories of

Sancroft, Secretary to the Commission, 1661 AD

Sanderson, Author of the Preface, a Revisionist, 1661 AD

Sardica, Council of

Sarum, Use

Savoy, Conference, The

Scory, late Bishop of Chichester

Scotch Service-book, History of, Influence of, on the Final Revision, Its recognition of Catholic Doctrine

Sealed Books, The, Sealed Books, The

Sentences prefixed to, Evensong, Matins

Service Order, Use, Bangor, Use, Bangor, Use, Bangor, Use, Hereford, Use, Lincoln, Use, York, Use, York

Services, Table of, in the Breviary

Shaxton, Nicholas, Vacillation of

Sick, Rubrical Changes in the Service, Visitation and Communion of the

Sign of the Cross, objected to

Skip, a Revisionist

Smalcald, The League of

Smith, Sir Thomas, Smith, Sir Thomas

Smithfield, The fires of

Solemn League and Covenant, Solemn League and Covenant, Solemn League and Covenant

Sparkes, Dr, Sparkes, Dr

Sparrow, at the Savoy Conference

Special Prayers, Special Prayers introduced, Thanksgivings

Spires, Diet of, Spires, Diet of

Spiritual Lords, regain their seats in Parliament

Statute, The Bloody

Surplice, objected to

Swiss Protestants, Swiss Protestants

Table of the Vigils, The, Table of the Vigils, The

Taylor, Doctrinal opinions of

Te Deum, Mistranslations in, Te Deum

Tertulilan, Tertulilan

Thanksgiving, The General

Thanksgivings, Special

Thirlby, Bishop of Westminster, Character of, Revisionist, Roman tendencies of

Translation, of Holy Scriptures, The

Transubstantiation, The Doctrine of

Uniformity, Acts of, Acts of

Uniformity, Acts of, Uniformity, Acts of

Uses, The, Uses, The

Vestiarian, Controversy, The, Controversy, The, Controversy, The, Controversy, The, Controversy, The

Vigils, The table of the

Watson, Bishop of Lincoln, committed to the Tower

Westminister Assembly, Appointed, Burial of the Dead

Westminster, Bishop of

Westminster Abbey, Westminster Abbey, debate in

Westminster Assembly, The Directory

White, Bishop, of Winchester, committed to the Tower

Whitehead, Whitehead

Windsor Castle, the place of meeting for the First Revisionists

Words of Administration, Words of Administration, The, Words of Administration, The

Worship, Bill for Uniformity of Public

Wren, Bishop, Wren, Bishop

York, Use

Zuinglianism, Zuinglianism

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