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Studies In The Book Of Common Prayer by Herbert Mortimer Luckock

Preface of the Second Edition.

In sending forth the Second Edition I cannot forbear to express my thanks to numerous correspondents, especially to not a few of the Bishops of the Church and their Examining Chaplains, tor their kindly recognition of this effort to infuse fresh life into a too much neglected subject. The careful criticisms and suggestions of Canon Bright have led me to modify a few passages, as well as to supply some additional matter, chiefly in connection with the Scotch Liturgy.

Many recommendations, though valuable in themselves, I have been obliged to disregard, inasmuch as to have carried them out would have altered too largely the character of the book, and brouht it into undesirable competition with others.

H. M. L.

The Feast of the Annunication, 1882.


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