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The Psalms And Hymns Of Isaac Watts by Isaac Watts

PSALM 29 Storm and thunder.

L. M.

Storm and thunder.

Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame,

Give to {he Lord renown and power,

Ascribe due honors to his name,

And his eternal might adore.

The Lord proclaims his power aloud

Over the ocean and the land;

His voice divides the wat'ry cloud,

And lightnings blaze at his command.

He speaks, and tempest, hail, and wind,

Lay the wide forest bare around:

The fearful hart and frighted hind

Leap at the terror of the sound.

To Lebanon he turns his voice,

And lo, the stately cedars break;

The mountains tremble at the noise,

The valleys roar, the deserts quake.

The Lord sits sovereign on the flood,

The Thund'rer reigns for ever king;

But makes his church his blest abode,

Where we his awful glories sing.

In gentler language there, the Lord

The counsels of his grace imparts;

Amidst the raging storm, his word

Speaks peace and courage to our hearts.

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