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The Epistles Of Saint Gregory The Great by Gregory of Nyssa

Epistle LI. To Maximianus, Bishop.

To Maximianus, Bishop.

Gregory to Maximinianus, Bishop of Syracuse .

My brethren who live with me familiarly urge me by all means to write something briefly about the miracles of the Fathers done in Italy, which we have heard of. With this view I am in great need of the assistance of your Charity, to mention to me shortly what comes back to your memory, and what you happen to have known. For I remember your telling me something, which I have now forgotten, about the Lord Abbot Nonnosus, who was with the Lord Anastasius of Pentomi . And therefore this, or anything else, I beg thee to communicate to me by letter without delay, if indeed thou art not intending to come to me thyself shortly.

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