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The Principal Works Of St Jerome by St. Jerome

Letter CXX. To Hedibia.

At the request of Hedibia, a lady of Gaul much interested in the study of scripture, Jerome deals with the following twelve questions. It will be noticed that several of them belong to the historical criticism of our own day.

(1) How can anyone be perfect? and How ought a widow without children to live to God?

(2) What is the meaning of Matt. xxvi.29?

(3) How are the discrepancies in the evangelical narratives to be accounted for? How can Matt. xxviii.1 be reconciled with Mark xvi.1, 2.

(4) How can Matt. xxviii.9 (Saturday evening) be reconciled with John xx.1-18 (Sunday morning)?

(5) How can Matt. xxviii.9 be reconciled with John xx.17?

(6) How was it that, if there was a guard of soldiers at the sepulchre, Peter and John were allowed to go in freely? (Matt. xxvii.66; John xx.1-8.)

(7) How is the statement of Matthew and Mark that the apostles were ordered to go into Galilee to see Jesus there to be reconciled with that of Luke and John who make Him appear to them in Jerusalem?

(8) What is the meaning of Matt. xxvii.50, 51?

(9) How is the statement of John xx.22 that Jesus breathed on his apostles the Holy Ghost to be reconciled with that of Luke (Luke xxiv.49: Acts i.4) that He would send it to them after His ascension?

(10) What is the meaning of the passage, Rom. ix.14-29?

(11) What is the meaning of 2 Cor. ii.16?

(12) What is the meaning of 1 Thes. v.23?

The date of the letter is 406 or 407 a.d.

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