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On Prayer by Tertullian

Chapter IX.--Recapitulation.

In summaries of so few words, how many utterances of the prophets, the Gospels, the apostles -- how many discourses, examples, parables of the Lord, are touched on! How many duties are simultaneously discharged! The honour of God in the |Father;| the testimony of faith in the |Name;| the offering of obedience in the |Will;| the commemoration of hope in the |Kingdom;| the petition for life in the |Bread;| the full acknowledgment of debts in the prayer for their |Forgiveness;| the anxious dread of temptation in the request for |Protection.| What wonder? God alone could teach how he wished Himself prayed to. The religious rite of prayer therefore, ordained by Himself, and animated, even at the moment when it was issuing out of the Divine mouth, by His own Spirit, ascends, by its own prerogative, into heaven, commending to the Father what the Son has taught.

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