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The Last Twelve Verses Of The Gospel According To S Mark by John William Burgon


(A.) On the Importance of attending to Patristic Citations of Scripture. -- The correct Text of S. Luke ii.14, established p.257

(B.) Eusebius |ad Marinum| concerning the reconcilement of S. Mark xvi.9 with S. Matthew xxviii.1 p.265

(C.) Proof that Hesychius is a Copyist only in what he says concerning the end of S. Mark's Gospel p.267

(D.) Some account of Victor OF Antioch's Commentary on S. Mark's Gospel; together with a descriptive enumeration of MSS. which contain Victor's Work p.269

(E.) Text of the concluding Scholion of Victor or Antioch's Commentary on S. Mark's Gospel; in which Victor bears emphatic Testimony to the Genuineness of |the last Twelve Verses| p.288

(F.) On the relative antiquity of the Codex Vaticanus (B), and the Codex Sinaiticus (') p.291

(G.) On the (so-called) |Ammonian| Sections and on the Eusebian Canons: a Dissertation. With some account of the Tables of Reference occasionally found in Greek and Syriac MSS. p.295

(H.) On the Interpolation of the Text of Codex B and Codex ', at S. Matthew xxvii.48 or 49 p.313

Postscript p.319

L'envoy. General Index p.325

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