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Lyra Germanica The Christian Year by Catherine Winkworth

Morning Hymns. I. God who madest earth and heaven,


Gott dess Himmels und der Erden

Heinrich Albert.1644.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

God who madest earth and heaven,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Who the day and night has given,

Sun and moon and starry host,

All things wake at Thy command,

Held in being by Thy hand:

God, I thank Thee from my heart,

That through all the livelong night,

Thou hast kept me safe apart

From all danger, pain, affright,

And the cunning of my foe

Hath not wrought my overthrow.

Let the night of sin depart,

As this earthly night hath fled;

Jesus, take me to Thy heart,

In the blood that Thou hast shed

Is my help and hope alone,

For the evil I have done.

Help me as each morn shall break,

In the Spirit to arise,

Let my soul from sin awake,

That when o'er the aged skies,

Shall the morn of Doom appear,

I may see it free from fear.

Ever lead me, ever guide

All my wanderings by Thy Word;

As Thou hast been, still abide

My defence, my refuge, Lord.

Never safe except with Thee,

Ever Thou my Guardian be!

Mighty God, I now commend

Soul and body unto Thee,

All the powers that Thou dost lend,

By Thy hand directed be;

Thou my boast, my strength divine,

Keep me with Thee, I am Thine.

Let Thine angel guard my soul

From the Evil One's dark power,

All his thousand wiles control,

Warning, guiding me each hour,

Till my final rest be come,

And Thine angel bear me home.

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