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The Life Of The Blessed Virgin Mary by Anne Catherine Emmerich


Figure 1. Pattern of a sacred Essene scapular which Moses had once worn. 19 Figure 2. Patterns of an Essene sacred silk vestment and cloak. 20 Figure 3. Head of the Essenes in sacred vestments. 22 Figure 4. Egyptian idol of the blessed virgin Mary constructed after receiving Elijah's prophesy. 64 Figure 5. Mary in ceremonial garments. 102 Figure 6. Saint Joseph's ancestral home. 131 Figure 7. Mary in her wedding dress. 147 Figure 8. Mary's hair adorned for her wedding. 149 Figure 9. Saint Joseph in his wedding garments. 152 Figure 10. The Annunciation. 159 Figure 11. Mary resting at Elizabeth's house. 177 Figure 12. The Cave of the Nativity. 202 Figure 13. Mary's resting place beside the crib. 215 Figure 14. The Shepherds' Tower. 216 Figure 15. Vision of the Emperor Augustus on the day of Jesus' birth.222
Figure 16. Saint Anne's maid. 232 Figure 17. An Eastern man and woman making wool cords. 245 Figure 18. Two of the three kings: Theokeno and Seir. 255 Figure 19. Vision of the three kings at the time of Mary's conception.264
Figure 20. Saint Anne's maid. 275 Figure 21. The holy family flees from Nazareth. 329 Figure 22. Family treasure of Abraham -- a genealogy of Noah's children down to Abraham's time. 368 Figure 23. Mary in her ceremonial dress. 386 Figure 24. Peter in rich, priestly vestments. 400
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