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Lyra Germanica Second Series The Christian Life by Catherine Winkworth

Evening Prayer For a Wakeful Night.

For a Wakeful Night.


Es ruht die Nacht auf Erden

Pastor Josephsen.

Now darkness over all is spread,

No sounds the stillness break,

Ah when shall these sad hours be fled,

Am I alone awake?

Ah no, I do not wake alone,

Alone I do not sleep,

Around me ever watcheth One

Who wakes with those that weep.

On earth it is so dark and drear,

With Him so calm and bright,

The stars in solemn radiance clear

Shine there through all our night.

'Tis when the lights of earth are gone

The heavenly glories shine;

When other comfort I have none,

Thy comfort, Lord, is mine.

Be still, my throbbing heart, be still,

Cast off thy weary load,

And make His holy will thy will,

And rest upon thy God.

How many a time the night hath come,

Yet still return'd the day;

How many a time thy cross, thy gloom,

Ere now hath pass'd away.

And these dark hours of anxious pain

That now oppress thee sore,

I know will vanish soon again,

Then I shall fear no more:

For when the night hath lasted long,

We know the morn is near,

And when the trial's sharp and strong

Our Help shall soon appear.

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