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A Key To The Apocalypse by Joseph Mede

Phial the Fifth, On the Throne of the Beast.

The fifth phial is to be poured out on the throne or seat of the beast; that is, on Rome itself: And now the Holy Spirit no longer conceals the subject under the veil of figures or allegories, perhaps on account of the great light then to arise on those prophecies; when this sort of Mercurial sign being seen, it will no longer be ambiguous how much progress the phials have made, and how much yet remains to be completed by them.

By this destruction of the Roman city, (which I think to be the very same as is said ch. xi.13, to follow the resurrection and ascension of the witnesses,) the name of the pontificate will not utterly perish, but will then be despoiled of its glory and splendour, so that |they shall gnaw their tongues for pain.| In the meanwhile, however, still persevering in their impenitence, with obstinate minds, they will abuse their sufferings by additional blasphemy.

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