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A Key To The Apocalypse by Joseph Mede

The following things throw light on the Third Seal.

Chap. xv. Of the Doctrine of the Indians.

If any one in his dreams has seen a balance, or a bell, as they call it, a species of balance, justly weighing in a certain place, let him understand it, of the person of a judge. But if he has a quarrel, and the things appeared to be equally balanced, he shall obtain his cause.

If he should seem to observe an equal and a pure balance, let him know, that the judge of that place is just. But if he should see the scales broken, and turned upside down, he may conclude, that the judge of the place where he saw the dream, is unjust.

Besides, weights also have the same interpretation as measures, according to their quantities, but they are applied to the persons of inferior judges.

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