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A Key To The Apocalypse by Joseph Mede


The epoch of the Apocalypse, as far as it is a prophecy of the future, whether you are inclined to consider it as commencing from the beginning of Christianity, or from the ruin of the Jewish polity and church, or from the moment of time in which the revelation was made to St. John, or in whatever way it may be understood, (for I will not act as an interpreter, when I recollect my design,) I think no one will be inclined to doubt but that the beginning of the seals, which relates to things to be transacted therein, must be deduced from thence. But from the same epoch must be derived also the beginning of the second prophecy, or of the Little Book, if those words of the context, about the repetition of the prophecy, and what we have besides treated of above in Synch. VI. Part I. and in the Introduction to Part II. have not been sufficiently convincing to any individual, he will be compelled at length to acknowledge, from the necessity of the synchronism, when he shall have attempted to place the several prophecies in order and method according to the explanations which have just been made.
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