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A Key To The Apocalypse by Joseph Mede


I have completed the First Part in Seven Synchronisms: The other Part, that of the Seals, follows, in which I will demonstrate the connexion of all the prophecies which have been hitherto recited; and if there are any besides, of those likewise with the seals, in as many other synchronisms: Whence it will plainly appear, (and it may be adduced as a matter very worthy of observation, and, unless I am deceived, of no small consequence in the subsequent interpretation,) that the whole Apocalypse, from the fourth chapter, (for I introduce nothing now about the seven churches,) is divided into two principal prophecies, of which each commences from the same epoch, and, as it were, from one barrier, and ends at the same goal. The first is that of the seals, and in them of the trumpets, for the seventh seal is the seal of the trumpets, which I take every where for granted, from the grammatical sense of the context. For it is not to be supposed that the order of sense is preserved in all the other seals, but is unsuitable to the seventh alone, as what is submitted to view on the opening of a seal, that is, to pragma, the subject of the seal. Now, the vision of the seven angels with the seven trumpets follows the unclosing of the seventh seal. The other prophecy (or, if you will, the system of prophetic visions) is that tou biblaridaou, or of the open book, which, commencing from the same beginning of apocalyptical time, retraces the times of the former prophecy, namely, that of the seals, from the 8th verse of the 10th chapter to the end of the book. And this repetition of the prophecy is indicated by that transition in the 11th verse of the same chapter, where the angel says to John, |Thou must prophesy again (palin) before many people, and nations, and tongues, and kings.|

Moreover, it will not perhaps be unworthy of the reader's attention, that at the beginning of each of those visions, as well of the first of all the visions, that of the seven churches, as of three entire prophecies, the commencement is proclaimed by |the voice, as it were, of a trumpet talking with St. John;| as if the Holy Spirit meant to distinguish them by this mark from other prophecies, which are parts of these principal ones, in which you will see nothing of a similar nature.

Now, these are the beginnings of the prophecies to which I allude. Of the vision of the seven churches, in these words: |I was in the spirit on the Lord's day, and I heard a great voice behind me, as of a trumpet, saying,| &c. Of the prophecy of the seals, in this manner: |And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me,| &c. Lastly, of the prophecy of the little book: |And the voice which I had heard from heaven| (i. e. as of a trumpet speaking) |spake again unto me, and said,| &c.

Thus far is prefatory, and, as I hope, not foreign from the subject of which we are treating. The Synchronisms now follow.

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