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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. The most glorious hopes are sometimes born out of the womb of darkness.

2. The stone that was rolled away from the door of the sepulcher has been rolled from human hearts.

3. Those that seek Christ need not fear though they do not find him at first, and in the way they expect.

4. Go to the cross and tomb of Christ and perhaps there will be revealed to thee the risen Lord.

5. THE RESURRECTION. -- (1) It demonstrates that Christ is the Son of God. If he could not conquer death, and come back from heaven, he could prove that at the first he came from heaven. (2) It is the proof of immortal life beyond the grave: that death does not end all, but the soul lives after the body dies. (3) It is the assurance of our own resurrection. (4) It shows that our Savior has power over every one of our enemies. (5) It teaches the moral resurrection, that being dead to sin we should be alive unto God.

6. THE DEATH OF CHRIST. -- The death of our Lord is the most remarkable event of history, far more astounding in the development of the plans of God than his coming into the world. Yet it has a fitness that demonstrates it to be in harmony with the divine arrangement. Though the Jews could not understand, their own law with its sacrifices and its types, and their own prophets were pointing forward all through their history to the sacrifice of Calvary. Their Scriptures showed |that it behooved Christ to suffer and to be raised again from the dead.| All prophecy points him out as one who came into the world to die, the only being who ever came with death as the principle object of his coming. Yet |it behooved him to die,| 1. To demonstrate the exceeding sinfulness of man; 2. The surprising love of God; 3. To accomplish human redemption; 4. To bring to light immortality; 5. To achieve the victory of the cross. By the cross he conquered.

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