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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. The practical, vital question for every mortal, is that which confronted Pilate, What shall I do with Christ? To every one comes Pilate's hour, when he must make his decision.

2. The Jews carried Jesus to Pilate |because it was not lawful for them to put any man to death.| That proved that the |scepter (power) had departed from Judah.| But that was the proof that Shiloh had come. See Gen.49:10.

3. Are you members of that kingdom which is not of this world? Then you cannot be filled with the spirit of this world. |Be not conformed to this world.| |The friendship of the world is enmity to God.|

4. Are you of the truth? The test is hearing the voice of Christ. |Every one that is of the truth hears| his voice. Those who can behold his sinless life, his matchless love, and hear his words such as man never spake, and then turn away from him, demonstrate that they do not love the truth. He is the truth itself.

5. What shall I do with Jesus? (1) Every person must do something with Jesus. He must accept or reject him. (2) Some try to escape this decision: (a) by refusing to decide, but that is deciding against him; (b) by substitution of other virtues in the place of believing in Christ; (c) by laying the blame on others, on circumstances, on temptations; (d) but it is all in vain. (3) To reject Christ is to reject the sum and soul of all goodness. (4) Rejecting Christ is the great sin of the world. (5) The time will come when those who reject Christ will have to ask,| What can I do without Christ?| -- P.

6. Jesus long since was nailed to the cross and hanged up against the Judean sky, but the old question, |What shall I do with Jesus?| is still the question of the hour. Barabbas, the robber, who was preferred to Jesus, sleeps in an unknown grave, but there are thieves and highwaymen still. There are moral Barabbases who would rob us of the religion that made this country great and free -- that dotted it with school-houses, as the heavens are with stars -- that comforts us in affliction and cheers us when our feet touch the dark waters. There are appetites and lusts to rob our hearts of peace, our homes of joy and our souls of the crown of life. Behold! Jesus knocks at my heart's door! Shall I receive and honor him? Shall I, with the multitude say, |Away with him! Release Barabbas?| It is the old question, |What shall I do with Jesus?| Like Banquo's ghost it will not down at my bidding. I cannot evade it. I must be for him or against him. It is the old question still, |Jesus or Barabbas?| -- J. B. Johnson.

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