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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. Never has earth seen a greater triumph of love than the Savior, about to be crucified, comforting his disciples. As he loved them then so he loves them still.

2. As he loves us so doth the Father, for the Father is in him as he is in the Father. The Father and the Son are one, and both love us with a love that passeth all comprehension.

3. Christ came down to earth on a mission of mercy, ministered mercy here, died in mercy, and ascended to heaven impelled by mercy and love. He has gone to prepare a place for us in the Father's house; a Home.

4. Christ is the Way there. There is no other way. He that would seek to enter in some other way is a thief and a robber. To reject him is to reject the Truth and the Life; to turn from heaven and immortality.

5. There was but one place of safety when the flood came -- the ark. There was but one man to whom the Egyptians could go for corn during the famine -- Joseph. There was but one way to keep off the angel of death on the Passover night -- the way of the sprinkled blood. There was but one word that could save the Ephraimites at Jordan's ford (Judges 12) -- the word Shibboleth. So there is but one name that hath power to save men now -- the name of Jesus. -- J. C. Ryle.

6. If men need not to go to heaven by the Cross, but by some other way, then the Cross may become an old, worn, unused way; no footfall of a traveler may cheer it, heaven may be filled through other avenues, and other songs than those of Praise to the Lamb may echo through the arches of the Upper Temple. If Christ is not the exclusive Savior, then other Saviors could be made without the Cross, and the Cross is all an idle waste. We are lost men outside of God's kingdom. There is a way into it -- Jesus Christ. There is a name, one name, given whereby we can be saved -- that name is Jesus. There has come from the sweet heavens over us no other. It is enough. We need no other. -- J. Drummond.

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