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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. The desire to be greater than others is the cause of many quarrels and much evil.

2. Man's way to be great is to seek to be greater than others, -- self-seeking.

3. God's way to be great is to serve others, to do all we can for them, -- love.

4. It is Pharisaism to cling to a form, but to neglect the spirit.

5. Often spiritual pride clothes itself in humble forms. We have known a man very proud of a buckskin watch guard, or of the hooks and eyes that fastened his coat. Pride may put on a towel and wash feet. Once when Dr. Bethune preached against pride, a man went to him and pointed to leather buttons on his coat, saying, |See, I am not proud.| |Yes,| said the doctor, |you are proud of your leather buttons.|

6. The great law of the kingdom of heaven is not this, -- Use thyself for thyself. Still less is it this, -- Use others for thyself. But it is this, -- Use thyself for others. -- Morison.

7. Voluntary service in the kingdom of love, and under the impulse of humility and self-denial, makes a man a spiritual power, gives him an unconscious and blessed greatness. -- Lange.

8. Peter was always the chief speaker, and already had the keys given him; he expects to be lord chancellor, or lord chamberlain of the household, and so to be the greatest. Judas had a bag, and therefore he expects to be lord treasurer, which, though now he comes last, he hopes will then dominate him the greatest. Simon and Jude are nearly related to Christ, and they hope to take the place of all the great officers of state as princes of the blood. John is the beloved disciple, the favorite of the Prince, and therefore hopes to be the greatest. Andrew was first called, and why should not he be first preferred? -- Matthew Henry.

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