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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. Christ is the |Desire of all nations.|

2. Though Christ came in person only to the |lost sheep| of the house of Israel, his mission was to all the world.

3. The |wall of partition| between Jew and Gentile, was broken down when |the handwriting of ordinances was nailed to the cross.| The risen Savior said to his disciples, |Go and preach the gospel to every creature.|

4. Self-dedication is a life-giving power. The old Romans told the story of Rome saved by Quintus Curtius and the Decii giving up their lives. The soldier often consecrates himself to save others. So Christ gave him elf to save a world.

5. The life that is given up is the life that is saved and becomes glorious. Judson gave up his and lives as the prince of missionaries; Howard, Florence Nightingale, Miss Dix, Oberlin, Clarkson, and a host of others gave up theirs and have an immortal fame. All who give up their lives by dedicating them to holy work will gain life eternal.

6. Christ himself had struggle of soul. He was tempted in all points as we are. The cross was as hard for him to endure as it would be for us. He fought the conflict in soul, he gave up his life, and the Father spoke his approbation. He gave up but he gained. First the cross and then the crown.

7. |With all his sufferings full in view, And woes to us unknown, Forth to the task his spirit flew; 'Twas love that urged him on. Lord we return to thee what we can; Our hearts shall sound abroad -- Salvation to the dying man, And to the rising God.| -- Cowper.

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