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The New Testament Commentary Vol Iii John by B.W. Johnson

Practical Observations.

1. There is no way to the fold of God but through Christ. Those who reject him reject eternal life.

2. Those who are Christ's disciples will hear his voice; that is, obey him. All who live in disobedience are following other leaders.

3. Any teacher who teaches contrary to Christ, who sets aside his authority, or teaches falsely, is not a shepherd but a robber. His object is to prey upon the sheep.

4. There are robbers who will destroy the sheep and there are hireling shepherds. Robbers lead astray; hireling shepherds are those who work for pay alone. They are mercenary men. They will abandon the flock as soon as they can get better pay somewhere else.

5. Followers of Jesus should be like their leader in looking beyond trial to triumph.

6. It is almost universally agreed that by thieves and robbers we are to understand rapacious persons, intent on gain. That most of the high priests were such persons the history of Josephus abundantly testifies. -- Bloomfield. He was teaching in Jerusalem and the thieves and robbers were in the temple.

7. God has only |one fold,| one church. The division of the Christian world into warring sects is sinful.

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