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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie

My hope is firmly set

tr., John Brownlie



My hope is firmly set

On Him Whose truth abides;

The lights of earth may fade and die,

The hopes of earth despairing fly, --

No fear my heart betides.


My love its ardour finds

In Him Whose love is strong,

Who bought me with a price untold,

More than of silver or of gold,

And fills my heart with song.


My peace its calm attains

In Him Whose power defends;

My foes may sound a loud alarm,

I trust securely in the arm

He for my succour lends.


My joy its gladness sings

In notes His voice awakes, --

A joy no effort can attain,

That thrills alike in loss and gain,

And when the world forsakes.


Thou Christ art all I need,

Of all my bliss the spring;

More fulness in Thy grace is found,

Than when the corn and wine abound,

And all the world can bring.

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