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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie


Verses 1-6

tr., John Brownlie



Light of my life, O Lord, Thou art,

No fear afflicts my trusting heart

When, all secure in Thee

As in a fortress I repose,

And evil men, my direst foes,

Are baulked that trouble me,


Hosts may encamp on every side,

And pallid fear the trust deride

That saves me from affright;

But in the Lord my hope shall last,

Till noise of war and strife are past,

And flee the powers of night.


To God I make this chief request,

That I in His abode may rest

Through all my earthly days,

To mark its comeliness and grace,

And see the beauty of His face,

Whose love inspires my praise.


There shall I dwell unseen by all,

Secure when days of trouble call,

And evil doers mock;

And He shall hide me in His tent,

Till all the wrath of man is spent

As tempests on a rock.


Therefore to Thee my praise I'll give,

And joyful offerings while I live

My grateful soul shall bring;

For Thou my foes hast beaten down,

With victory Thou my head dost crown,

And tun'st my heart to sing.

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