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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie

Glory to God! The morn appointed breaks,

tr., John Brownlie



Glory to God! The morn appointed breaks,

And earth awakes from all the woeful past,

For, with the morn, the Lord of Life awakes,

And sin and death into the grave are cast.


Glory to God! The cross with all its shame,

Now sheds its glory o'er a ransomed world;

For He Who bore the burden of our blame,

With pierced hands the foe to hell hath hurled.


Glory to God! Sing ransomed souls again, --

And let your songs our glorious Victor laud,

Who by His might hath snapped the tyrant's chain,

And set us free to rise with Him to God.


Darkness and night farewell! the morn is here;

Welcome! the light that ushers in the day;

Visions of joy before our sight appear,

And like the clouds, our sorrows melt away.


Great Son of God, Immortal, and renowned!

Brighter than morn the glory on Thy brow;

Crowns must be won, and Thou art nobly crowned,

For death is dead, and sin is vanquished now.

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