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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie

Augoustou monarchesantos epi tes ges,

he poluarchia ton anthropon epausato.

By Cassia the Recluse.

Menaeon Dec.25.

tr., John Brownlie



When o'er the world Augustus reigned,

The rule of kingships felt decay;

And when our Lord appeared as Man,

The idol shrines were swept away.


One earthly power the people knew,

One world-embracing rule obeyed;

Then Gentiles to the Godhead knelt,

And undivided homage paid.


And when the monarch's will was known,

A census of the tribes was told;

Then, in the name of Christ their God,

His faithful subjects were enrolled.


For great Thy mercy is to us,

O God, our King, Whose rule we own,

And we will render while we live,

One glory to Thy name alone.

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