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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie

Christos ho Basileus.

tr., John Brownlie



Now the King Immortal

Comes to claim His own, --

Shepherds at their watch by night,

Hail the glory of the light --

They, and they alone.


Heralds from the heaven-land,

Tell His Advent clear; --

Where the sound of hurrying feet?

Where the crowds come forth to greet?

Where the loyal cheer?


Angels, on the night winds

Have their carols thrown, --

Theirs, the music rapturous, sweet,

Theirs, the songs the Monarch greet,

Theirs, and theirs, alone.


Ah, the silent night hours,

Ah, the slumberers, prone, --

Mortals wake, arise, adore,

Angels, shepherds, honours pour,

They, and they, alone.


Jesu, King Immortal,

Mount thy rightful throne;

Loyal hearts their plaudits pour,

Heavenly choirs in songs adore,

They, not they alone.

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