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Hymns From The Morningland by John Brownlie


Introduction xi
My God, shall sin its power maintain 3
Christmas --
Hark! upon the morning breezes 9
Hail to the morn that dawns on eastern hills 11
Hail to the King, who comes in weakness now 13
Ye saints, exult with cheerful song 15
He came because the Father willed 17
Now the King Immortal 19
When o'er the world Augustus reigned 21
O Light resplendent of the morn 23

Passiontide --
O wounded hands and feet 27
When Jesus to the judgment hall 29
They brought Him to the hill of death 31
|Watch with Me,| the Master said 33
They cried, |Let Him be crucified!| 35
O darkest night that ever fell 37
Nailed to the cross the Saviour dies 39
O Son of God, afflicted 41
This be our prayer, O Saviour of our souls, 43

Easter --
Lo, in its brightness the morning arising 49
In the dark of early morn 51
Glory to God! The morn appointed breaks 53
Glory to God! The Christ hath left the tomb 55
Rise, O glorious orb of day 58

Ascension --
Borne on the clouds, the Christ arose 63
Lift up the gates 65
Borne on the wings of light 67

Pentecost --
Like the beams that from the sun 71
Come, Holy Ghost, in might 73
Spirit of God, in love descend 75
Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit calm 77
O God, the Holy Ghost 78

Various --
When Jesus to the Jordan came 83
When on the mount the Lord appeared 85
Behold, the King of Zion rides 87
Waving in the autumn breeze 89
When in the clouds of heaven 91
Rest in the Lord, O servant by His grace 93
Thou dost not pass a lonesome way 95
The man who erring counsel shuns 97
Lord, a band of foes increasing 99
Light of my life, O Lord, Thou art 101
From the hills the light is streaming 103
The day declines to night 105
Lord, let us feel that Thou art near 107
Come, praise with gladness, the Lord of all creation 109

Penitence and Love --
Now, with my weeping would I cleanse my soul 115 O God of love, on bended knee 117
O God, in mercy hear 119
Come to the Christ in tears 122
Forgive my heart its vain regrets 124
Far let me flee from worldly sin 126
Lord of mercy, at Thy gate 128
Burdened with a heavy load 130
Lord of a countless throng 132
Let all the world abroad 134
Thou Saviour of our sinful race 136
Where the Lord reveals His presence 138
O love of God, surpassing far 140
O God of our salvation 142
O Jesus, when my guilty fears 144
Lord, I am Thine, for Thou hast died for me 146

Aspirations --
Lord, let our eyes the things unseen behold 151 Wake to the songs that lips unsullied sing 153
Bring to the Christ your fears 155
Lord, soothe my anxious, troubled soul 158
Surpassing great the gift of God 160
My hope is firmly set 162
The time is drawing near 164
I will not yield my sword 166
If in the cause of right I must 168
The Christ on Olive's mount in prayer 170
Like music at the stilly hour 172
O Lord, Thou in the hour of need 174
My harp upon the willows, grave 176
To Thee my soul enraptured sings 178

Modern Greek Hymns --
Christ The Word! Thine Incarnation 183
Come, keep this Feast, who holy things revere 186

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