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Hymns From The East by John Brownlie

O Lord of Life, when mortals call,


tr., John Brownlie


O Lord of Life, when mortals call,

And freedom seek from earthly thrall,

Hear Thou in heaven and save us all,

In mercy, Lord.


O Full of Mercy, when we groan,

Because of sin our spirits own,

Hear, who for sinners didst atone,

In mercy, Lord.


O Full of Pity, when we bear

To Thy blest feet our cankering care,

Take of our weary load a share,

In mercy, Lord.


O Full of Grace! when sufferers tell

The grief Thou knowest, Lord, so well,

Come, with the broken-hearted dwell,

In mercy, Lord.


When, lured by hope, our spirits rise

To where Thou beckonest from the skies;

Then, be eternal life the prize,

In mercy, Lord.

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