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The Canons Of Dordt by Various


In 1610, the Armenians prepared a document, comprised of five articles, known as the Remonstrance. This Remonstrance was the source of much controversy, and as such, the National Synod of Dordt was convened in 1618 to examine the problem and arrive at a resolution. The Canons of Dordt are the outcome of the Synod of Dordt, and the outcome was thoroughly against Armenian doctrine. The structure of the Canons of Dordt is similar to the Remonstrance, laid out in five articles, each rebutting one of the five articles of the Remonstrance. Of the Canons, Schaff writes, |The Canons of Dordt have for Calvinism the same significance which the Formula of Concord has for Lutheranism. Both betray a very high order of theological ability and care. Both are consistent and necessary developments. Both exerted a powerful conservative influence on these Churches.|
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