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Translations From The French Of Madame De La Mothe Guion by William Cowper

The Soul That Loves God Finds Him Everywhere

O thou, by long experience tried,

Near whom no grief can long abide;

My love! how full of sweet content

I pass my years of banishment!

All scenes alike engaging prove

To souls impressed with sacred love!

Where'er they dwell, they dwell in thee;

In heaven, in earth, or on the sea.

To me remains nor place nor time;

My country is in every clime;

I can be calm and free from care

On any shore, since God is there.

While place we seek, or place we shun,

The soul finds happiness in none;

But, with a God to guide our way,

'Tis equal joy to go or stay.

Could I be cast where thou art not,

That were indeed a dreadful lot;

But regions none remote I call,

Secure of finding God in all.

My country, Lord, art thou alone;

Nor other can I claim or own;

The point where all my wishes meet;

My law, my love, life's only sweet!

I hold by nothing here below;

Appoint my journey and I go;

Though pierced by scorn, oppressed by pride,

I feel thee good -- feel nought beside.

No frowns of men can hurtful prove

To souls on fire with heavenly love;

Though men and devils both condemn,

No gloomy days arise from them.

Ah, then! to his embrace repair;

My soul, thou art no stranger there;

There love divine shall be thy guard,

And peace and safety thy reward.

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