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Hymns Of The Greek Church by John Brownlie

Come, let us drink the water new,

tr., John Brownlie


Ode G?

Deute poma piomen kainon

ho Heirmos


Come, let us drink the water new,

Not from the rock divinely springing,

But from that pure immortal stream

That from His tomb our Lord is bringing.

All things in earth and heaven above

Are filled with light that shines supernal;

So all creation keeps this feast,

For He hath risen, the King eternal.

With Thee, O Christ, I lay entombed,

Ere light upon this day was falling;

With Thee I leave death's dark abode,

For Thou hast risen, and Thou art calling.

With Thee upon the Cross I hung

When Thou wast faint, and weak, and sighing;

Lord, with Thyself Thy servant bless,

In Thy bright realm through years undying.

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