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The Formulae Of St Eucherius Of Lyons by St. Eucherius of Lyons

Book VIII. On the Various Meanings of Words and Names

To build is to do good works or to teach well; in the apostle: if anyone builds precious stones on a foundation of silver and gold. [I Cor.3:12]

To destroy is to commit bad deeds or to teach badly; in Solomon: one building and one destruction. [Eccl.34:28]

To clean is to erase vices; in the gospel: Jesus touched him, saying, I will you to be clean, and immediately, the leper was cleansed. [Matt.8:3]

To stand is to persist in the faith; in the apostle: stand in faith. [I Cor.16:13]

To walk is to reach out to the Lord; in the psalm: and I will walk in freedom. [Ps.118(119):45]

To sit is to begin again humbly in God; in the gospel: remain {literally, sit yourselves} in the city. [Luke 24:49]

To be ill is to succomb either to vice or to temptation; in the gospel: and he found her lying ill on her bed. [Mark 7:20]

To run is to hasten into good works; in the apostle: run that you may understand. [I Cor.9:24]

To be vigilant is to guard your heart or to rise again into God; in the psalm: a vigil all the way from morning until night. [Ps.129(130):6 (unknown variant)]

To sleep is to rest in the passover of Christ; in the psalm: Does he who sleeps not turn that he may rise again? And otherwise, to sleep is to be trapped in the sleep of sin; in the apostle: Ye who sleep, arise! [Ps.40(41):9 Vulgate; Ephes.5:14]

To have ascended is perfection in God; in the psalm: his rising is in my heart. [Ps.83(84):6 (unknown variant)]

To have fallen is defection from God; in the gospel; a certain man descended from Jerusalem to Jericho. [Luke 10:30]

The way is Christ; in the gospel: I am the way and the truth and the life. Likewise, the way is the life of man: in the psalm: I have made my ways known, and You have heard me. [John14:6; Ps.118(119):26 Vulgate]

Broad places are an expanse of seductive vices; in the gospel: the way that leads to destruction has a wide, roomy door. [Matt.7:13]

Narrow places are the influence or pressure of tribulation; in the gospel: narrow and strait is the door that leads to life. [Matt.7:14]

Orderly is the arrangement of the teachings of God; in Isaiah: make right his path. [Is.40:3]

Crooked is deviance from the teachings of God; in Isaiah: and they were crooked in order and rough in the level ways. [Is.40:4]

Obedience to the teachings of God is smooth; in Isaiah: the same as above.

Disobedience is, in contrast, harsh and bristly; in Isaiah: the same as above.

The part of righteousness is on the right; in the gospel: he placed the sheep on his right, and the goats on his left. [Matt.25:33]

The part of unrighteousness is on the left; in the gospel: the same as above.

The pit is sorrow or a fall into death; in the psalm: they dug a pit before my face. [Ps.56(57):7(6)]

The well is the devil or hell; in the psalm: Do not let the well force its mouth on me. And in a good part of Genesis: it was sworn at the well, that is, the water of faith. [Ps.68(69):16(15); Gen.46:1]

Health is wholeness of mind; in the psalm: I have cried out to You, and You have cured me. [Ps.29(30):3(2)]

Fatigue is an illness of vices; in the psalm: who relieves all my fatigue. [Ps.102(103):3 (unknown variant)]

Leprosy is the contamination of sins; in the gospel: and immediately the leper was cleansed. [Matt.8:3]

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