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Hymns Of The Eastern Church by John Mason Neale

A Sunday in the Week of the First Tone


Germanicus (634-734)

By fruit, the ancient Foe's device

Drave Adam forth from Paradise:

CHRIST, by the cross of shame and pain,

Brought back the dying Thief again:

|When in Thy kingdom, LORD,| said he,

|Thou shalt return, remember me!|

Thy Holy Passion we adore

And Resurrection evermore:

With heart and voice to Thee on high,

As Adam and the Thief we cry:

|When in Thy kingdom Thou shalt be

|Victor o'er all things, think of me!|

Thou, after three appointed days,

Thy Body's Temple didst upraise:

And Adam's children, one and all,

With Adam, to New Life didst call:

|When Thou,| they cry, |shalt Victor be

|In that Thy kingdom, think of me!|

Early, O CHRIST, to find Thy Tomb,

The weeping Ointment-bearers come:

The Angel, clothed in white, hath said,

|Why seek the LIVING with the dead?

|The LORD of Life hath burst death's chain,

|Whom here ye mourn and seek in vain.|

The Apostles, on Thy Vision bent,

To that appointed mountain went:

And there they worship when they see,

And there the message comes from Thee,

That every race beneath the skies

They should disciple and baptize.

We praise the FATHER, GOD on High,

The Holy SON we magnify:

Nor less our praises shall adore

The HOLY GHOST, for evermore;

This grace, Blest TRINITY, we crave;

Thy suppliant servants hear and save.

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