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Divine And Moral Songs by Isaac Watts

Song 7. The excellency of the Bible.

The excellency of the Bible.


Great God, with wonder and with praise

On all thy works I look:

But still thy wisdom, power, and grace

Shine brighter in thy Book.

The stars that in their courses roll

Have much instruction given;

But thy good Word informs my soul

How I may climb to heaven.

The fields provide me food, and show

The goodness of the Lord;

But fruits of life and glory grow

In thy most holy Word.

Here are my choicest treasures hid;

Here my best comfort lies;

Here my desires are satisfied;

And hence my joys arise.

Lord, make me understand thy law:

Show what my faults have been;

And from thy Gospel let me draw

Pardon for all my sin.

Here would I learn how Christ has died

To save my soul from hell:

Not all the books on earth beside

Such heavenly wonders tell.

Then let me love my Bible more;

And take a fresh delight

By day to read these wonders o'er,

And meditate by night.

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