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Commentary On Hebrews by Jean Calvin


Chapter 13:5 let your conversation, etc. It is rendered by Macknight |behavior;| and by Stuart |conduct.| But tropos; means not only way, manner, conduct, but also a turn as it were of the mind, disposition, ingenium, as given by Schleusner. Parkhurst quotes a passage from Demosthenes, in which it evidently bears this sense. This version may then be given, |Let there be no moneyloving disposition;| or, |Let your disposition be free from the love of money.| The Syr. is, |Let not your heart love money.| The Vulg. gives a loose version, |Let the conduct be without avarice.| Beza's is nearly the same. |Be content,| or |be satisfied, with what you have;| that is, deem what you have sufficient or enough.
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