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Commentary On Hebrews by Jean Calvin


Chapter 9:2 The first, etc. Doddridge, Macknight, and Stuart, connect |the first| with |tabernacle,| but improperly. The rendering ought to be no doubt as in our version, or as follows, |For a tabernacle was made; the first, in which were the candlestick, and the table, and the shewbread, which is called holy.| We find in verse 3, that |the Holy of holies| is also called a tabernacle, which was as it were the second tabernacle, or the second part of it, see verse 7. The word |holy,| followed by |of holies,| is an adjective agreeing in gender with tabernacle; and |of holies| seem to mean holy things; so that it might be rendered, |The holy tabernacle of holy things.| The accents are of no authority. The word |holy| in the plural with an article, as in verse 8 and 12, designates the Holy of holies; or it may refer to both places, the sanctuary and the Holy of holies, for the people were excluded from both; and no access, strictly speaking, applied to them only.
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