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Commentary On Hebrews by Jean Calvin


Chapter 7:14 For under it the people received the Law, etc These words are variously explained. The preposition epi often means |for,| or |on the account of,| as ep' elpidi, |for the hope,| (Acts 26:6;) and so Macknight renders it here |on account of it the people received the Law.| It is not true that the people were under the priesthood when they were subjected to the Law; for the Law was given before the Levitical priesthood was established: it was after the tabernacle was made and set up that Aaron and his sons were consecrated priests. See Exodus 40:12-15

Stuart gives another rendering, |For the Law was given to the people in connection with this,| or |on this condition,| as he explains himself in a note. And he observes, |The meaning is, that the Levitical priesthood and the Mosaic Law are closely and inseparably linked together.|

As the Apostle speaks afterwards of the change of the Law, that is, respecting the priesthood, it is more consistent to regard the same law as intended here, |though the people had received a law respecting it,| that is, the priesthood. This is parenthetically put in for two reasons, -- to anticipate an objection on the ground of a divine appointment, and to introduce the subject for the purpose of shewing that it was an appointment intended to be changed.

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