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Fragments From The Lost Writings Of Irenaeus by Irenæus

Fragment XIX. |Take unto thee Joshua 'Iesoun the son of Nun.à

|Take unto thee Joshua ('Iesoun) the son of Nun.| For it was proper that Moses should lead the people out of Egypt, but that Jesus (Joshua) should lead them into the inheritance. Also that Moses, as was the case with the law, should cease to be, but that Joshua ('Iesoun), as the word, and no untrue type of the Word made flesh (enupostatou), should be a preacher to the people. Then again, [it was fit] that Moses should give manna as food to the fathers, but Joshua wheat; as the first-fruits of life, a type of the body of Christ, as also the Scripture declares that the manna of the Lord ceased when the people had eaten wheat from the land.
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